CRUSH comes to an end but will keep on living!

The Critical Urban Sustainability Hub (CRUSH) held its 10th and final meeting at the historic Workers’ Museum in Copenhagen between May 23-24, 2019. The project’s participants and International Advisory Board (Eric Swyngedouw, Margit Mayer, Loretta Lees and Lawrence Berg) were present.

The project’s outcomes were discussed in addition to issues of knowledge production and impacts on society (e.g. How can researchers have a bigger impact on society? What kind of impact do we want to have? Can academic understandings of the city do something in the post-truth age? In what ways can we cooperate more with non-academic actors? How do we make ourselves useful as academics? What should urban researchers not do?). Further possibilities for cooperation among the CRUSH members and actors outside academic were also discussed.

Several CRUSH projects are still running – the project’s three PhD students will soon submit their dissertations, an edited book on displacement will be coming out in 2020 with Routledge, and there is more stuff in the pipeline.