Guy Baeten

  • Professor

Guy Baeten is Professor of Urban Studies at Malmö University and is the Director of the Institute for Urban Research. He has previously worked at the universities of Lund, Oxford, Leuven and Strathclyde. Guy Baeten is interested in urban development projects and urban sustainability. He was the principal investigator of the FORMAS Strong Research Environment CRUSH — Critical Urban Sustainability Hub and has recently finished several projects that deal with smart urban environments, including an investigation of the Google plans for a new district in Toronto. Currently he investigates histories of the sustainability concept in Malmö urban planning and the notion of ‘liveability’ in a Nordic urban context.

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These publications are authored or co-authored by Guy Baeten.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Visioning and social sustainability versus property : The… article-journal 2023
Struggling with Conceptual Framings to Understand Swedish Displacement Processe chapter 2022
Understanding smart cities through a critical lens chapter 2022
Editorial : Imagining/doing smart cities article-journal 2022
Bostadsmanifest : 22 krav för framtidens hem. Av… book 2021
Smart Cities for City Officials : A Social… book 2021
Introduction: housing displacement : conceptual and methodological issues chapter 2020
Introduction to the Themed Issue "Narratives of Displacements" article-journal 2020
Keeping Out the Poor : Banishment as an… chapter 2020
Housing Displacement : Conceptual and Methodological Issues book 2020
Contradictions of Transit-Oriented Development in Low-Income Neighborhoods :… article-journal 2020
Conclusion: housing displacement : conceptual and methodological issues chapter 2020
Book Review Forum: Geography and Geographers : Anglo-American… review-book 2017
Neoliberal planning chapter 2017
Pressure and violence : Housing renovation and displacement… article-journal 2017
13 myter om bostadsfrågan book 2016
Beyond a liberal critique of 'trickle-down' : urban… article-journal 2016
By invitation only : uses and users of… article-journal 2016
”Landskronas vägval” : när bostäder åt alla blev… chapter 2016
Om myter chapter 2016
Rätt att bo kvar : en handbok i… book 2016
Introduction : neoliberalism and post-welfare nordic states in… article-journal 2015
Renewing Urban Renewal in Landskrona, Sweden : Pursuing… article-journal 2015
"Because I am who I am and my… article-journal 2014
Medveten gentrifiering i Landskrona article-journal 2014
Contradictions of Neoliberal Planning book 2012
Contradictions of ‘Sustainable Mobility’– The Illogic of Growth… article-journal 2012
Neoliberal planning : does it really exist? chapter 2012
Normalising neoliberal planning : the case of Malmö,… chapter 2012
Choices of crisis article-journal 2011
Regenerating the South Bank : reworking the community… chapter 2009
Engaging in the muddy fields of planning in… chapter 2008
The uses of deprivation in the neoliberal city chapter 2007
Inner-city misery : Real and imagined article-journal 2004
Western Utopianism/Dystopianism and the Political Mediocrity of Critical… article-journal 2002
Old Elites in a New City : Restructuring… chapter 2002
The Spaces of Utopia and Dystopia : Introduction article-journal 2002
Hypochondriac Geographies of the City and the New… article-journal 2002
Cliches of Urban Doom : The Dystopian Politics… article-journal 2001
From community planning to partnership planning : Urban… article-journal 2001
Scaling the city : the political economy of'glocal'development-Brussels'… article-journal 2001
The Europeanization of Brussels and the Urbanization of… article-journal 2001
Urban Regeneration, Social Exclusion and Shifting Power Geometries… article-journal 2001
The Tragedy of the Highway : Empowerment, Disempowerment… article-journal 2000
Politics, Institutions and Regional Restructuring Processes : From… article-journal 1999
Mobiliteit : Landschap van macht en onmacht book 1997