CRUSH – Critical Urban Sustainability Hub

2014 - 2020

CRUSH brings together around 15 researchers from Göteborg, Malmö, Lund and Uppsala and wants to be a research platform with an international outlook on critical perspectives on urban sustainable development, and with a prime focus on Sweden’s acute housing crisis. Its overall focus is on the housing crisis (and related urban issues: displacement, eviction, gentrification) seen through the lens of weak groups in order to provide discursive space for those groups in science and media. With the help of its International Advisory Board, CRUSH has taken a lead in research on housing inequality and housing precariousness.

CRUSH hosts three PhD projects at Malmö University. One project is about the foreclosure crisis in Spain with case studies in Barcelona and La Coruna. Another project deals with displacement due to rent increases following renovation of the Million Program housing stock. It has case studies in Uppsala and Stockholm. The third project deals with displacement of Roma people in Malmö.