“Urban Planning Crucial for Better Public Health in Cities”

UN-Habitat and the World Health Organization (WHO) have released a sourcebook – Integrating Health in Urban and Territorial Planning – “designed to guide decision makers from the public health, urban and territorial planning sectors including planners, city managers, health professionals and others towards developing cities planned and built with a focus on human and environmental health.” Read the story or download the Sourcebook.

Now more than ever, the link between cities and health needs to be highlighted. In a commentary, Guy Baeten (Professor of Urban Studies and Director of the Institute) argued that “urban studies, urban planning and urban design have historically played a pivotal role in the combat against epidemics.”

The new IUR project Public health, epidemics and urban planning: reinstating the connection seeks to precisely explore this crucial issue. Read more about the project.

Featured image: “Step dark” by Go-tea 郭天 is licensed under CC BY 2.0