The Nordic Urban Political Economy network launches new website

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Uncategorized

The Nordic Urban Political Economy Network (NUPE) has launched its website, marking a significant step in its mission to facilitate cross-Nordic collaboration and research exchange. Established in 2020, NUPE has been engaging with the multifaceted political-economic transformations sweeping through cities and regions across the Nordic countries.

With a focus on critical studies of urban political economy and political ecology, NUPE looks at neoliberalism, financialization, digitalization, platform economies, sustainability policy, and migration on urban landscapes, welfare systems, and urban and regional politics in the Nordics.

The NUPE core team consists of Dr. Özlem Çelik (Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, founder of NUPE) and IUR member Dr. Lina Olsson (Malmö University, founder of NUPE), Dr. Mika Hyötyläinen (Uppsala University), Dr. Erik Jönsson (Uppsala University), IUR member Dr. Defne Kadioglu, (Malmö University), Prof. Panu Lehtovuori (Tampere University), IUR member Lorena Melgaço (Lund University) and Prof. Sami Moisio (University of Helsinki).

The launch of the website provides a central platform for scholars, researchers, policymakers, and urban practitioners to engage with NUPE’s work, access resources, and participate in discussions aimed at understanding and addressing the complexities of urban development in the Nordic context.

For more information and to explore the NUPE website, visit