Lina Olsson

New publications out on mobility justice and uneven regional development

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Lina Olsson has recently published two co-authored papers on the topics of mobility justice and uneven regional development. See details below:

Olsson, L. and Thomas, R. (2024). Mobility Justice or Transit Boosterism? The Use of Rail Transit as an Urban Transformation Strategy in Kitchener, Canada, and Malmö, Sweden. Mobilities

This paper explores the justice implications of transit boosterism – the favoring of transit investments aiming to leverage economic development and property investments with no or little regard for distributive and redistributive outcomes – through qualitative comparison between Malmö, Sweden, and Kitchener, Canada. It argues that while the resulting economic benefits of transit boosterism are uncertain, it conveys a ‘politics of mobility’ that foments unequal access to public transit and, thus, generates uneven, and unequal, mobilities.

Grange, K., Björling, N., Olsson, L. and Fredriksson, J. (2024). Deconstructing the urban viewpoint: Exploring uneven regional development with Nancy Fraser’s notion of justice. Urban Studies

Placing regional margins and other plural geographies at the centre, this article applies a normative framework based on justice theory to uncover the dominance of urban viewpoints in urban regional development policy. Departing from Nancy Fraser’s three-dimensional justice theory, it provides a deconstruction of city-centrism by illustrating how regional disparities in two regions in Sweden are not only reproduced by economic maldistribution but also by political misrepresentation and cultural misrecognition.