The 2020 artists-in-residence

Claudia Fonseca Alfaro IUR Artist-in-Residence

After assessing 35 applications, we’re happy to announce the 2020 IUR artists-in-residence:

Viviana Rubbo and Alessandro Guida

Landscapes in transition

Period: Spring 2020

“A research-driven photographic project to transversally explore urban and territorial changes in Malmo through the activation of the IUR’s community, the civil society and the local actors to steer a collective reflection on the transformation of the contemporary landscape. The project aims at creating a new layer of interpretation capable of supporting a reflection on the complexity of the challenges posed by the combination of anthropic dynamics (environmental, social and economic) and consequent territorial/spatial transformations.”

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David Kerr

Developing a practice of Place Guarding

Period: Fall 2020

“As an illustrator and anti-gentrification campaigner, I want to investigate how illustrators by participating in anti-gentrification struggles take an alternative role within civic discourse to the one above. For this reason I would like to do research and develop new work relating to the concept of ‘Place Guarding’. ‘Place Guarding,’ is a mode of artistic production researched by scholars like Stephen Pritchard (2016) that works in solidarity with people threatened by gentrification and marginalisation and could be seen as a emerging form of cultural democracy or community art that resists instrumentalism. Place Guarding could manifest as protest art or artistic research and be produced by individuals or collectives of professional and unprofessional practitioners.”

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