Save the date: Researchers from the Malawi University of Science and Technology plan to visit MAU

Claudia Fonseca Alfaro

We are happy to announce that two researchers from the Malawi University of Science and Technology will visit Malmö University and the IUR this semester. Thoko Mtewa and Isaac Tchuwa will be in Malmö from April 27th to May 8th.

Don’t miss out their Brown Bag Seminar on May 6th where they will present Climate change related water security and sustainable communities: The case of Lilongwe peri urban areas, Malawi.

Thoko Mtewa

Lecturer in Water Resources and Management

Thoko holds an MSc degree in Water Resources Modelling and Governance focusing on water governance and political economy of area mechanics and functionality of borehole hand pumps. Her research is at the interface between natural and social sciences including water resource related conflicts, water chemistry and quality, climate and hydrological crises, governance and policy. Her main interests fall in water sanitation and hygiene (water safety and quality) and water security particularly to marginalised/vulnerable groups.

Isaac Tchuwa

Lecturer in Climate Sciences and Head of the Earth Sciences Department

Isaac holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Manchester. He is a critical Geographer whose research is broadly situated within the field of urban political ecology. His purview unifies scholarly and normative concerns to understanding how urban socio-ecological power relations and dynamics structure unequal spaces of access to basic services such as water, food, housing, and much else, in cities of the Global South. Isaac’s budding research interests lie in how these inequalities are currently (re)producing dystopian conditions and injustices in the context of a changing climate and the increased severity and magnitude of urban disasters in Malawian cities. His eclectic teaching interests at MUST straddle topics such as climate change and society, climate change policy, community resilience, disaster risk management planning, and others.

For more information about this visit please contact Steve Marr.