Seven Stories of Day-to-day Activism

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Vitor Peiteado has published a book titled Siete Historias de Activismo Cotidiano (seven stories of day-to-day activism).

“For thousands of people who have suffered the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis, activism has become the only source of hope to defend their right to a decent home and life. Through the day-to-day analysis of this activism, this book clarifies how, thanks to a loose form of organization based on mobilization at the local scale, the social movements that respond to this crisis have developed a form of horizontal expansion, which has allowed a heterogeneous multitude of new activists to amalgamate. Moreover, the opportunities and challenges posed by this form of mobilization offer valuable lessons to advance in the construction and conjunction of movements antagonistic to capitalism”

(Peiteado, 2021)

Peiteado’s book is an outcome of CRUSH – Critical Urban Sustainability Hub project. The book is in Spanish, and you can order a copy here.