Miljardprogrammet – Documentary on Financialization of Housing on SVT.

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Uncategorized housing, inequality, Sweden

A documentary titled “Miljardprogrammet,”  was released by SVT’s Uppdrag Granskning program, exposing the negative effects that the financialization of housing has on people’s lives.

“In the Stockholm suburb Husby, people have noticed that something has happened. There is a shortage of affordable apartments, and in the old houses that have stood along the streets for decades, rents are rising rapidly. It turns out that unrenovated properties have become a profitable business for international companies. But someone has to pay the price.” 

(Uppdrag granskning – Miljardprogrammet, 2021)

The documentary features IUR member Martin Grander, who worked together with  Defne Kadioglu and Ilhan Kellecioglu in IUR’s research project Transnational Financialization in Berlin and Stockholm: Understanding Uneven Urban Development Across Borders. The research explored how uneven urban development can be understood across borders, departing from the premise that as large investors are operating internationally, it has become inapt to tackle issues of housing affordability, inequality, and gentrification only within one urban setting. 

To see the documentary (in Swedish), go here.

And here to read Ilhan Kellecioglu research report on Husby titled, Rapport Inifrån “Hemblahalvetet”. Röster från Hemblas bostäder i Husby, Stockholm.

Picture: Uppdrag granskning – Miljardprogrammet, 2021.