New Issue of Urban Matters: Exploring Intermedial Interventions in the City

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Uncategorized

The latest issue of Urban Matters engages with the intricate relationship between cities and the media practices that shape them. Titled “Intermedial Interventions in the City” and edited by Nafiseh Mousavi and Phil Dodds, this issue features eleven contributions that explore how urban spaces are produced, navigated, experienced, and remembered through a myriad of media forms.

From Chennai’s vibrant compound walls to the stylized urban scenes portrayed in YouTube videos, the articles collectively argue that cities are inseparable from the media that represent and transform them. This issue of Urban Matters is deeply engaging and intellectually stimulating, making it an unmissable read for anyone fascinated by the dynamic interplay between media and urban spaces.

As always, our great Illustrations by David Peter Kerr.