New FORMAS grant to develop stormwater treatment technologies

Malmö University and Institute of Urban Research has been awarded a Formas grant as part of the call “Blå innovation – genomförandeprojekt” for the application “Innovativ hantering av dagvatten för ett hållbart samhälle” (Innovative stormwater impact mitigation, ISWIM).

It is a collaborative project between three universities (Luleå Technical University, Lund University and Malmö University) and three water utilities VA Syd (Malmö-Lund, main applicant), Lumire (Luleå) and MSVA (MittSverige Vatten AB).

The project addresses the demand, both at the local and national level, to develop stormwater treatment technologies to meet current and future challenges mainly caused by adverse weather conditions. Malmö University’s contribution to the project is to secure that technical solutions for long-term investments are socially acceptable and desirable from a societal and urban planning standpoint. This is done by involving citizens, property owners and decision-makers in the design and communication of future solutions. Per Hillbur is the scientific lead for MaU’s part of the project.

The awarded grant is 19 999 174 SEK.