Meet Paesaggisensibili, IUR’s new Artists-in-residence

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa IUR Artist-in-Residence methods, photography

We welcome Viviana Rubbo and Alessandro Guida from Paesaggisensibili, who will be working with us during April in a research-driven residency:

“We are Viviana Rubbo, architect and independent researcher and Alessandro Guida, architect and photographer. We work together as Paesaggisensibili, an independent observatory on contemporary landscapes, a space for research and experimentation where we use photography as a tool of analysis of the dynamics of our time and a method to create territorial narratives that can foster interdisciplinary exchange and multi-actors engagement.  This is the link to our website:

By the end of March, we will join you in Malmö. It will be a chance for us to develop a programme of exploration of the spatial changes taking place within the urban region. We will do that by using photography as a cultural tool to produce a new layer of knowledge, hence supporting the elaboration of a new vision at the regional scale. 

Interested to join us?

We intend to do so with your valuable contribution, and therefore end up with a collective study portraying the complexity of Malmö urban and regional landscapes. 

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We look forward to meeting you soon!”