Roundtable: Urban Theory from the Global South

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Stephen Marr, in collaboration with the African Urban Dynamics Collaborative Research Group and the Global Urban History Project, has put together a roundtable on Urban Theory from the Global South.

When? Thursday, April 7, 2022, 2 PM UTC

AbdouMaliq Simone, Urban Institute Sheffield, Moderator

Wangui Kimari, University of Cape Town

Prince Guma, British Institute in East Africa, Nairobi

Anwesha Ghosh, National Law School of India University Bengaluru

Rafael Soares Gonçalves, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) 

Some Questions Include:

  • How does urban theory look differently when viewed from the perspective of the “Global South”?   
  • What is southern urbanism and how does it challenge or reframe the way that we define cities as an analytical concept? 
  • What implications does southern urbanism have for technocratic regulation and practice, both in the Global South and beyond? 
  • How / what differentiates the Global South as a place / concept from earlier debates about the 3rd World & Developing World? Is there something unique / specific when put in an urban frame? 
  • How do debates about the (urban) Global South (dis)empower the places and people they are ostensibly about? Who can and should write about the (urban) Global South? (We see this question as connecting to some of your recent work on marginality and blackness as a methodological and conceptual tool.)
  • Urban historians tend to import theory from the social sciences.  What specifically can urban historians working on the Global South bring to the production of urban theory more generally?

To participate, please register here. A Zoom invite will be sent to you during the week before the event.