Writing retreat

Malmö Live Stories: writing retreats open for applications

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Call for Applications co-creation, oral history

Call for application as follows:

Do you have an oral history, conversation-based, or otherwise co-created research project in mind?
Please join our series of application writing-retreats

During the fall of 2021, the Malmö Life Stories research initiation project will host a series of cost-free writing retreats for scholars working on research applications on subjects related to oral history, co-created knowledge, or nearby fields in a collegial setting. Any scholar that wants to take advantage of these collective writing sessions, as well as contribute to making them into worthwhile intellectual exchanges, and has the aim to write an application for research are welcome. The space will be open for both researchers and some of the Malmö Life Stories project’s community partners.

Apply for participation

Since we have limited resources, we might need to make a selection among those interested to join. In order to join, you will need to submit a short description of your application idea.

The application should clearly state if you will be able to join all, or at least most, of the retreats.

We will prioritize topics that align with the Malmö Life Stories project plan, for example (but not limited to):

  • Oral history and other forms of conversa:on based enquiries; methodologies and ap- proaches having to do with producing knowledge collaboratively
  • Archives and cultural ins:tu:ons as sites of both the exercise and contesta:on of power; the role of archiving in community building or activism
  • Narratives about cities or urban life; life story-work as a way to practice or enhance the right to the city
  • Critical studies of the turn to co-creation and collaboration within the humanities and social sciences.

Please submit your application no later than August 31 to Robert Nilsson Mohammadi (robert.mo- hammadi@mau.se).

Note the dates

  • Sept 14, 13:15-16:00: Initial meeting with presentations of participants and application ideas, discussion about the forms for our co-writing, and an application writing workshop led by Carolina Jonsson Malm. This meeting will be digital.
  • Oct 12, 09:15- 17:00: Writing retreat in Malmö.
  • Nov 16–17: Writing retreat with the possibility for a sleep-over outside of but not too far from Malmö.
  • Dec 14, 09:15–17:00: Writing retreat in Malmö.
  • Jan 18, 09:15–17:00: Writing retreat in Malmö. At this meeting, Carolina Jonsson Malm will lead us through a peer-review workshop in order to prepare our final seminar.
  • Feb 15, 10:15–15:00: Seminar with peer-review process.

Food and (in November) accommodation will be offered free of charge, but possible travel expenses will not be covered. Venues will be announced at the initial meeting at the latest.

About the Malmö Life Stories research initiation project

Malmö Life Stories is a co-created research initiating, and potentially socially mobilizing process created by Malmö-based civil society actors, cultural institutions, stage producers, and scholars. Malmö Life Stories is inspired by the Montreal Life Stories Project, and involves exchanges with the Concordia Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling. Malmö Life Stories thus engages actors from different social positions in a process that is mul:-professional, interdisciplinary and translocal. The participants in Malmö Life Stories are brought together by a concern about how Malmö is depicted as a scary city in public discourses, and about how this situation adds to the social vulnerability that the greater part of Malmö’s inhabitants is affected by. Another commonality is a faith in sharing life stories as a means to engage the city’s inhabitants in the making of its future. The Malmö Life Stories is set up as a learning space in which epistemologies connected to life story-practices from activism, stage production, and research in different disciplines enlighten and inform each other, and also identifies important new research possibilities.