Malmhattanism- Skyskrapan i Malmös utveckling

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa New Publication

IUR post-doc Fredrik Torisson, has published a book titled Malmhattanism – Skyskrapan i Malmös utveckling (Malmhattanism- The skyscraper in Malmö´s development).

In his book, Torisson analyses 70 years of skyscraper projects in Malmö and portrays them as essential elements of the city’s modern history. As explained by the author, the skyscrapers in Malmö have been part of creating its identity and the culprit of intense debate of what the city is and what it should be. 

The book has been published in Swedish by Nordic Academic Press and has been characterized as an engaged and thought-provoking exposition of Malmö´s skyscrapers.