Making Urban Studies: Experimenting with Methods

We’re thrilled to present outstanding examples of the projects created by the master students in Urban Studies within the course Making Urban Studies.

The students were tasked with experimenting with research methods and forms of presentation beyond the traditional academic article or essay. Without loosing track of theory – and dealing with the challenges and opportunities created by digital-based learning in times of Covid-19 – the students were successful in deepening our understanding of several topics.

Everyday life in Malmö during the Covid-19 pandemic: A documentary

Directors: Hanh Hong Nguyen and Catherine Pettersson 

“This project is a study on how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the everyday life of Malmö residents during the first few months of the pandemic – April and May. With the documentary, our aim is to provide a visual diary giving insights into the changes in people’s lives and in public spaces in Malmö city under the Swedish anti-lockdown strategy.”

Watch the documentary

The Housing Crisis for Dummies

Creators: Freja Lina Huhle and Livia Del Duca

“In this project, we have tried to analyze and explain in a simple and immediate way the housing crisis we are facing – that is, why is it becoming harder and harder to find affordable housing for people? In this comic, we tried to explain the main trends behind the Neoliberal housing market in a simple, immediate, and funny way, to engage as many people as possible.”

Download the comic:

The Loneliness Review

Creators: Mark Connaughton and Nikos Vrantsis

The Loneliness Review is a research blog dedicated to the research of urban loneliness. In our research, we attempt to identify what constitutes loneliness amongst millennials in urban centres across the world and to define elements and conditions that loneliness may be linked to. Furthermore, we evaluate the qualities of digital and physical social bonds, through material gathered in the entries and interviews with participators in the blog. Finally, we seek to look into the (im)material faces of loneliness in the Urban, that is how loneliness may be connected with urban space, or a lack thereof.”

Rethinking the city in times of a pandemic: A view from Paris

Producers: Djunejt Ljapo, Mathilde Soulé and Paul Mikulovic

“Research in the form of a podcast about how we can use the data gathered during a pandemic in order to improve the urban setting. In this case we focus on certain neighbourhoods of Paris and the concept of the ’15-minute City’ as a response to and post pandemic world.”

Listen to the podcast, Urbavirus:

Urban Mobility Service – A user perspective for sustainable journey planning

Creators: Jelle Mertens and Coline Scharfenberg 

“The website‘s aim is to define a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform from a user perspective in the Malmö region. Consumers in this research are (potential) public transport users in the area of Malmö, that could benefit from an improved digital environment for looking up, comparing and booking public transport trips. The concept of MaaS is a field that has been researched by experts a lot lately. By analyzing research and existing pilot projects, it is possible to define how potential users can benefit from a MaaS platform in Malmö.” 

Urban Quarantine Tales

Curators: Mihai Baicu, Franco Crudi, Daniel O’Kane and Amalie Mørk

“Urban Quarantine Tales is a photographic exploratory project created during the COVID-19 global pandemic which aims to investigate and portray various depictions of urban life during the social quarantine imposed by the pandemic. The project is both presented in a virtual art gallery and through an Instagram account, to reach a broader audience in a geographical and social manner.”