Karin Grundström and Stig Westerdahl newly appointed Professors

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We are happy to congratulate IUR members Stig Westerdahl and Karin Grundström for their awarded title of Professor. 

Karin Grundström is Professor in Architecture, with a specialisation in housing. “My research is based on the daily use of the built environment, in practiced and lived space, and in people’s shaping of the built environment. The main subject in my research is housing; I have designed housing, I have researched housing segregation, gender perspectives on housing, gated housing and the housing preferences of privileged groups.”

Stig Westerdahl is a Professor in Business Administration. His research is based on an interest in organizational issues and accounting. These interests have been put into research on non-profit organizations and the voluntary sector; the accounting industry and accountants’ everyday work as well as within regional development. His latest book, The self-playing piano. Calculations & capital creating the Swedish housing crises, analyses the mechanism behind the Swedish housing market.

Following tradition, the newly appointed professors gave a public inaugural lecture. Visit here to see Professor Karin Grunström’s lecture ‘Are you a picture-person?’. About the role of the image in research on roads, fences, and urban development. And here for Professor Stig Westerdahl’s lecture  “Debit, credit, and politics. On the role of accounting in society.”