Claudia Fonseca Alfaro discusses development and globalization with high school students

Last week, Claudia Fonseca Alfaro was invited to Öckerö seglande gymnasieskola (Öckerö Sailing High School) to give a talk about development and globalization to the third-year students from the social science program. Focusing on the case of maquiladora factories (Export Processing Zones) in Yucatán, the south of Mexico, the topics discussed included NAFTA, urbanization, and economic development.

Located in a beautiful island outside Gothenburg, the school gives the adventurous students the opportunity to take their lessons and travel the world on board the barque T/S Gunilla.

The talk was organized by the intrepid teacher Anne-Li Olsén in preparation for the students’ trip to Cuba, Belize, and Yucatán.

You can follow the students’ trip on Instagram (#instagunilla) or read their blog (in Swedish and English).

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