Urban Matters, IUR’s popular science journal, is now live!

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa New Publication, Urban Matters

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our popular science journal, Urban Matters

Urban Matters publishes urban research articles and commentaries on urban events, processes, trends and discussions of urban pasts and futures. It also publishes interviews with urban experts and artists, photo essays and book reviews. The Editorial Board encourages combining academic rigueur with journalistic flair to present quality analyses of urban matters to a broader public that includes communities beyond academia. 

With this journal, we seek to stimulate and contribute to public debates around one of the most pressing global challenges of our time: the volume and speed of contemporary urbanization and its social, economic, political, cultural, and ecological consequences.

The first issue, Tales of a City, presents a discussion on how and to what end stories can be used for depicting, interpreting, sustaining, or changing cities and urban life.  The collection of articles presented in Tales of a City has been written to answer a call for a continuing comparison between different approaches to studying cities and urban life through narrative.

Our website, urbanmatters.se, is ready for your visit!