15 December

Book Release: The Self-Playing Piano. Calculations & Capital creating the Swedish housing crises.

  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • NI:CO315 and ZOOM

IUR member Stig Westerdahl will release his book The self-playing piano, calculations & capital creating the Swedish housing crises.

In The self-playing piano, Stig Westerdahl writes about the housing market players and the concept of value. The reader can follow a journey through time and space to today’s Sweden, where all companies control the municipalities’ housing companies and accounting rules govern housing policy.

The author analyzes the mechanisms behind the housing market development, simple economic calculations used on complex and socially significant investments in community planning. A development that in recent years has fundamentally changed the conditions for Swedish housing supply and housing policy.

This is a very important book, perhaps the most important one that has been written about the housing issue in Sweden in recent times. A stimulating and partly shocking reading.

Bo Bengtsson, Professor of Political Science, Housing and Urban Policy, Uppsala University

The presentation of the author will follow by a discussion session with Lina Olsson (Malmö Universitet), Peter Palm (Malmö universitet) and Bo Nordlund (Karlstads Universitet).

The moderator of the event will be Martin Grander (Malmö Universitet).

After the discussion, the floor will be open to questions from the audience.

The event will be hybrid- NI:C0315 and Zoom: https://mau-se.zoom.us/j/3529784776


NOTE: This event will be in Swedish