6 December

When Housing goes Global: Financialization and Tenant Resistance in Sweden and Beyond

  • 15:15 - 17:00
  • Niagara, NIC0319

In spring 2020, just a few weeks into the pandemic, the Institute for Urban Research (IUR) at Malmö University embarked on a pilot project. We departed from the observation that the European housing market is further globalizing with new large actors emerging that operate at a transnational scale. The very broad questions we had in mind were: what are the business models of transnational housing companies? How is housing affordability and inequality in different cities connected across borders? And: how does the globalization of housing affect the everyday lives of tenants? In this seminar, we would like to discuss these questions and in specific present the project report of our case study in Husby, Stockholm, authored by tenant, activist, and IUR researcher Ilhan Kellecioglu. We are joined by Jennie Gustafsson (Institute for Urban Research, Malmö University and Stockholm University) and Martin Hofverberg (Chief Economist, Tenant Association) as discussants. Project member and IUR researcher Carina Listerborn will chair the panel.

NOTE: This seminar will be in Swedish.