CfP for SIEF2023- Back to basics: reconfiguring place in times of crisis 

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IUR member Karina Villacura has a Call for Papers for the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) in Brno, Czech Republic, 7-10 June 2023. The congress will focus on the theme of Living Uncertainty.


(Arch01) Back to basics: reconfiguring place in times of crisis 


  • Ricardo Greene (Universidad de las Américas)
  • Tomás Errázuriz (Universidad Andrés Bello)
  • Alexandra Lulache (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest)
  • Karina Villacura (Malmö University) 

In times marked by environmental disaster, economic crisis, technological uncertainty and the threat of global war, the structures of everyday life are challenged on a daily basis. Uncertainty about the future and the lack of an adequate institutional response awakens –in some people– the need to take greater control over their immediate surroundings, over the available resources, and to transform how they relate to them. These changes imply reconfiguring the relationship with materialities and territory, favouring a supposedly return to the basics, understood as the essential, the indispensable, but also as origin.

This panel seeks to bring together people who are interested in the adaptations of the everyday environment to new scenarios of global uncertainty. Some of the topics we are interested in, but not limited to, are: anti-capitalist forms of consumption (hacking, repairing, reusing, etc.); self-sufficient and off-grid ways of living (self-cultivation, energy production, water reuse, etc.); alternative health and education practices; new city-countryside migrations; communities of preppers or survivalists; etc.

We are interested in exploring how the everyday relationship with the immediate environment is reconfigured, and moreover in analysing the difficulties, conflicts and contradictions that arise between these new materialities and technologies, and the habits, traditions, and obligations that people still carry with them.

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