Application for funding for the interdisciplinary workshop: creating synergies between research and practice on planning for urban diversity Applicants

This workshop sets focus on urban diversity from the perspective of politicians, civil servants (including urban planners), architects, activists and researchers. It asks questions about how the main challenges, as well as ways forward, are understood from these different positions. The aim is to enhance exchange of knowledge and experiences, and collaboration between such different actors as architects, scientists, national and local authorities, city planners and NGO:s engaged in urban diversity planning as a means to resist segregation and inequality in cities generally, but also with a particular comparative focus on Malmö and Copenhagen. The workshop will be organized to facilitate exchange and collaboration across both different disciplinary perspectives and groups of actors in city planning; the workshop involves 1) interdisciplinary research among social scientists and architects, 2) researchers and practitioners, and 3) across two nearby but different city contexts. The purpose is to create and attach fruitful synergies through dialogue between these diverse perspectives and actors, which is expected to result in creative learning processes across different sectors.