Smart cities for city officials

2018 - 2020

Guy Baeten , Carina Listerborn , Chiara Valli , Adriana de la Peña Espinosa

The purpose of the project is to fill an important knowledge gap in smart cities research: while our technological knowledge regarding smart cities is substantial, little is known about the role of city authorities in the implementation of smart city planning. The project seeks to critically examine the risks and the benefits of smart city services and products offered by international corporations from the viewpoint of city authorities. Through a detailed analysis of the social, environmental and political aspects of smart urbanization, it seeks to empower city authorities to make informed decisions about what smart city planning can offer them. The project is firmly anchored in cooperation between researchers, city authorities and selected providers of smart city services and products. Besides scientific output, the project will result in workshops and on-line courses at Malmö University that will train city officials in dealing with smart city planning.

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