Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the early stages of planning processes – improved tools for navigating collaborative complexities and private sector rationalities


The purpose of the project is to identify innovative ways to promote Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the early stages of planning processes. It is especially important to coordinate public transport and land-use planning early, as attempts to adapt the development to the public transport in retrospect are likely to lead to poor solutions for public transport. Empirically, the conditions for TOD in municipalities located in the semi-peripheral areas of metropolitan regions are analyzed. An analytical starting point for the project is that effective planning in the early stages is influenced by several public and private organizations, and that it is of central importance for TOD to understand their collaboration. Methodologically, the results are based on interviews and workshops with participating organizations. The project also compares TOD in the Swedish metropolitan regions with the experiences in foreign cities. 

Financing body: K2 – Sweden’s national centre for research and education on public transport

Project leader: Robert Hrelja