Studies in Housing and Welfare


Studies in Housing and Welfare is an interdisciplinary research environment on research that affects housing in a social context characterized by constant change.

Issues about housing have become increasingly intrusive in our time. Housing is intimately linked to questions about identity and well-being, but also to our future life possibilities, for example in terms of access to work and education. The housing provision is thus crucial for a society’s development in terms of equal living conditions.

While housing provision tend to be more characterized by market principles and financialization, society faces challenges related to changes in demographics, increased gaps and segregation. These are challenges that become central issues for a socially sustainable housing supply today and tomorrow.

Studies in housing and welfare gathers a number of research projects and researchers from different institutions and universities. The aim is to create a strong research environment that, with different perspectives and methodological approaches, highlights the complex issue of housing and ‘home’ in a changing society.

Additional collaborators: Tapio Salonen, Linnea Lindemann, Manne Mårtensson, Karina Villacura, Mikaela Herbert, Klara Öberg, and Rebecka Söderberg

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