Professor Carina Listerborn and Professor Irene Molina won the Critics’ Award of Sveriges Arkitekter.

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Awards & Distinctions

Our very own Carina Listerborn, together with professor Irene Molina from the Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Racism (CFR) of Uppsala University, won the Critics’ Award of Sveriges Arkitekter. 

The Critics’ Award is given to the best architectural analysis or effort to strengthen an initiated conversation about architecture and community planning.

Professors Listerborn and Molina were recognized for their work on the prevailing urban development and housing situation in Sweden and their efforts in drawing attention to vulnerable groups in society. Their work has highlighted the resistance of the dominant societal development by exposing Sweden’s dysfunctional housing market and by showing the exclusion and segregation that has come in its wake.

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