Positive mid-term evaluation for IUR!

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Awards & Distinctions Evaluation

We are happy to announce that IUR has received the highest score on the mid-term evaluation of our multidisciplinary research program.

An external evaluation committee has praised IURs’ ability to create research synergies and attract research funding. It also attests to an overall positive trajectory with great potential for the future.

The evaluation committee:

  • Professor David Gadd, University of Manchester.
  • Professor Asbjørn Jokstad, UiT, Norwegian Arctic University. 
  • Adjunct Professor Liisa Postareff, University of Helsinki. 
  • Professor Lucy Robinson, University of Sussex
  • Assistant Professor Lars Wärngård, Stockholm University, consultant, chairman.

Click here for more information and here to read the report.