New research project on transnational financialization

A group of five IUR researchers has launched a pilot project titled Transnational Financialization in Berlin and Stockholm: Understanding Uneven Urban Development Across Borders.

The purpose of this project is to explore how uneven urban development can be understood across borders. It departs from the premise that as large investors are operating internationally, it has become inapt to tackle issues of housing affordability, inequality and gentrification only within one urban setting. In particular we are interested in gathering information about two large investors: Akelius and Vonovia. Akelius is the third largest listed real estate company in Sweden, heavily invested in the German housing sector, particular in Berlin. Vonovia, in turn, is Germany’s largest residential property company and recently has become Sweden’s biggest landlord. The first objective of this pilot project is to establish a network between Swedish and German housing researchers and activists. The second objective is -taking inspiration from the Akelius renters in Berlin- to produce information material regarding Akelius’ and Vonovia’s strategies in Stockholm.