Meet: Frans af Malmborg

Claudia Fonseca Alfaro Meet the IUR Collective

Frans—a new member of the IUR collective—researches Artificial Intelligence Policy in the European Union from a public administrative point of departure. We asked him to tell us a bit about his work and his collaboration with the IUR:

As a second year PhD student at the University of Agder in southern Norway, I have started dipping my toes in the academic sea with one chapter published and one article sent in for peer review. 

I started in September and will be a visiting scholar throughout the academic year of 20/21.

During my stay at the IUR, I will mainly be focusing on my second article looking into AI policies and practices. The European Union is currently establishing a policy framework with a common approach, common investments in research and businesses as well as education and infrastructure of AI technologies. But what does that mean for member states? 

Since the 1970s, public administration scholars has been concerned with implementation vs. policy plans and whether they actually have any significant impact on the ground, so to speak. In a seminal contribution in 1977, John Meyer and Brian Rowan thus coined the concept decoupling whereby organizations adopted discursively to contemporary pressures and norms and then decoupled their description of themselves with their actual practice. At the moment I am building a theoretical framework for this article specifically and will afterwards collect data to assess the likeliness of decoupling of AI policy within the EU.  

Besides that, I will be continually working together with my supervisor assisting in editing a Routledge Handbook of Differentiated integrated in the European Union as well as trying to explore some new and interesting method ideas such as web-scraping and text mining through the programming language R.