IUR researchers secure and lead DUT grant

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Uncategorized

Backed by €1.6 million from the Driving Urban Transition (DUT) fund and in a joint effort between Sweden, Norway, Poland, Spain, France, and Turkey, IUR researchers – Christina Lindkvist (project coordinator), Helena Bohman, Robert Hrelja, and Magnus Andersson – are on board for a 3-year project that aims to address social and environmental justice in planning.

Congratulations to the team for this undertaking!


The proposal is a mixed-method and interdisciplinary project which brings together social scientists and civil engineers, municipalities, regional transport authorities and NGOs. The project aims to develop guidelines, and policy instruments for urban planners to incorporate more elaborated understandings of social and environmental justice when planning for the 15mC. From mapping accessibility by sustainable modes of transport for different social groups, the novelty of the project lies in bringing localization decision making of where to locate services and amenities; to incorporate analysis of inhabitants perceived and factual movements and finally in adding environmental data and a health impact assessment to the scenario development for a just 15mC. The consortium is made up by universities and other organizations from Sweden, Norway Poland, France, Turkey, and Spain in the west. The mix of countries contributes to a wider understanding of different planning contexts and guarantees the development of robust and transferrable policy instruments between different national planning organizations and contexts.