Exhibition- Landscapes in transition

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa IUR Artist-in-Residence Malmö

Landscapes in Transition is a photographic research project by Paesaggisensibilicreated in Malmö during a one-month artist in residence programme at the Institute for Urban Research.

The outcome of this one-month programme is an exhibition and a debate session organized with the IUR.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on April 29th at 15:00 on Niagara, 5th Floor, and on-site until May 29th. 

How is the landscape about to change? How present dynamics will be reflected in spatial terms? What are the issues at stake?

Throughout the month, Paesaggisensibili has developed a visual project which investigated “territories in transition” in Malmö, places where changes are modifying the landscape. Their methodology implies the use of photography as a cultural tool to produce a new layer of knowledge. 

The geographic focus of the research is the space between the inner (Inre Ringvägen) and the outer ring road (Yttre Ringvägen), stretching from the western coastline to the north-easterly municipal borders.

The main goal is the elaboration of a territorial narrative to increase the awareness of the landscape’s consistency and forms, support the debate with a wider public, and provide the professionals and experts with more insights coming from the perception of the space.

At the core of this research is the dialogue with local experts and researchers with the aim to understand the current territorial dynamics which characterize this region (demographic aspects, spatial and socio-economic developments), the ambitions and the challenges ahead for the City of Malmö.

Paesaggisensibili is Alessandro Guida, architect and photographer and Viviana Rubbo, architect and independent researcher. It is an independent observatory on landscapes transformation, a space of research and experimentation, where photography becomes a tool for analysis to understand the dynamics of our time and give form to territorial narratives that can foster interdisciplinary exchange and multi-actor engagement.

This is the website: https://www.paesaggisensibili.org/