25 September

Symposium on Reducing Water Consumption through Social Innovation using Theory of Change

  • 08:15 - 13:00
  • Niagara (TBC)


Coffee/tea available from 09.45

08.30– Introduction of symposium and participants by Associate Professor Per Hillbur, Principal Investigator.

08.45– Presentation on Social Innovation by Abid Mehmood, PhD, Cardiff University.

09.00– Presentation on Theory of Change by Nicola Morelli, PhD, Aalborg University.

09.15– Presentation on Use of Theory of Change in the Waste Sector in Abuja, Nigeria, Sadiq Gulma, PhD Student, Malmö University.

09.30– Interaction with Participants.

09.50– Presentation of wicked problem in Malmö: The case of reduction of water consumption in Malmö, Bodil Elmqvist and Therese Jephson, VA SYD.

10.10 – Fika

10.20– Workshop: Developing a TOC for water consumption.

12.20– Reflections from Participants

12.30- Closing by Marwa Dabaieh, Associate Professor, Malmö University

12.35 Lunch and get-together before departure