Digital mediated short-term rentals in the (post-)pandemic city

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa New Publication COVID-19, housing, Platform Urbanism

A new article co-author by IUR researcher Myrto Dagkouli-Kyriakoglou, together with Simone Tulumello, Agustin Cocola-Gant, Chiara lacovone and Dimitris Pettas, has been published in the debate section of Digital Geography and Society, with the title Digital mediated short-term rentals in the (post-)pandemic city.


In this section, we reflect, both empirically and speculatively, on the perspectives for STRs and related digital platforms in the (post-)pandemic city, on the grounds of early signals of change in relation to spatial justice and institutional arrangements. The discussion is opened by Tulumello and Cocola-Gant, who, by investigating the case of Lisbon, Portugal, reflect on the flexible nature of platforms vis-à-vis the (neoliberal) cloud of de- and re-regulation in housing and rental markets, discussing how this intersection allows STRs to adapt and succeed, also during the pandemic. Similarly, Iacovone explores the professionalisation of platform-mediated STRs and their adaptability to increasingly more flexible and malleable requests from the market – dimensions that allow them to successfully outcompete smaller actors. Finally, Pettas and Dagkouli–Kyriakoglou, by focusing on the case of Athens, Greece, discuss the ways STRs could be transformed into housing infrastructure for remote workers in connection to the restructuring of the post-pandemic labour market.