Allmänningar och Stråk – Essäer, reflektioner och pratpromenader Om gemensamma rum

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa New Publication Sweden

Karin Grundström and Mathilda Rosengren released a wonderful book with a series of reflections and essays regarding Sweden’s allmänningar [commons] and stråk [pathways]. 

The book is the result of the research project titled “Revisiting Allmänningar & Stråk. Spatial Justice in the 21st Century Urban-Rural Land Regime” funded by FORMAS and carried out in the municipalities of Malmö, Staffanstorp and Lund.  

The articles of the book, analyse the history of allmänningar and stråk  – sometimes going back to the Middle Age– and reflect on the entrenched power dynamics, questioning how they are used today, who has the right to use them, and who can influence its form.

If you are interested in reading Allmänningar och Stråk, you can find it here.