Simone Vegliò

  • Project Researcher

Simone Vegliò is a Project Researcher at Malmö University. He holds a PhD in Geography (King’s College London, 2019) and his research is situated at the intersection of Urban Geography and Political Geography. His current project interrogates the implementation of “global infrastructure” in South America’s River Plate basin. By focusing on commercial ports as key infrastructures serving the basin’s agribusiness structure, the project investigates the socio-spatial and environmental impacts of infrastructure investments, specifically evaluating China’s role in the region.

His previous work analyzed neo-extractive and logistical operations in Buenos Aires’ southern area of Dock Sud, assessing the socio-material consequences of the urban environment. Prior to that, he investigated Latin America’s urbanization from a historical and “postcolonial” perspective. In that study,  he examined iconic episodes of architectural transformations in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Brasília, discussing these changes in relation to ideas of modernity, development, and geopolitical imaginations, and thus producing a historical geography that scrutinized the projects of naturalization and solidification of the nation-state in Latin America (1880-1964). He taught modules in the broad fields of Human Geography and International Relations at Malmö University, King’s College London, University College of London, and Leuphana University.

ORCID: 0000-0002-8192-5122.