Chiara Valli

  • Associate Senior Lecturer

Chiara Valli is Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Urban Studies. She is an urban geographer interested in housing and planning and their relations to social justice. After her PhD degree in Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University, Chiara has conducted a postdoc project at the University of Gothenburg, a postdoc at IUR within the CRUSH project, and finally a postdoc in the project Smart cities for city officials. Chiara’s research interests include: housing, housing financialisation, gentrification, segregation, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), smart cities, labour precarity, urban activism, participatory and visual research methodologies. Since December 2021, Chiara has been leading the project Financialization of everyday life in Sweden. Intersectional perspectives on housing and labor precarity.

IUR Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Chiara Valli.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Solutions in search of a problem : Opening… article-journal 2024
The Business of Improving Neighborhoods. A Critical Overview… article-journal 2023
Artistic careers in the cyclicality of art scenes… article-journal 2022
‘Cleaning up’ Heritage in the Post-Industrial City: Making… chapter 2022
Editorial : Imagining/doing smart cities article-journal 2022
Epilogue: Reflections on Heritage, Gentrification, Resistance chapter 2022
Heritage, Gentrification and Resistance in the Neoliberal City book 2022
Introduction: Exploring Injustices through Heritage in the Neoliberal City chapter 2022
Neighborhood-Based Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) : A New… article-journal 2022
Så formar historien framtidens planering : Reflektioner om… article-journal 2022
What and who counts in smart city knowledge?… review 2022
Smart Cities for City Officials : A Social… book 2021
Bostadsmanifest : 22 krav för framtidens hem. Av… book 2021
Participatory dissemination : bridging in-depth interviews, participation, and… article-journal 2021
Introducing Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Sweden :… article-journal 2021
Att bostaden ska ge en jämlik start i… chapter 2020
Emotional Displacement : Misrecognition, Symbolic Violence, and Loss… chapter 2020
Art that makes heritage : Swedish and Belarusian… chapter 2019
Pushing borders : Cultural workers in the restructuring… thesis 2017
Pushing forwards the gentrification frontier: how the art… manuscript 2017
A sense of displacement : Long‐time residents' feelings… article-journal 2015
When cultural workers become an urban social movement… article-journal 2015
Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual… review-book 2013