17 December

Landscapes for Learning: Audiowalks as Critical Engagement

  • 09:00 - 12:00
  • Museum of Movements. Bergsgatan 20, Malmö

The Landscapes for learning-workshop will explore needs and possibilities having to do with audiowalks as tools for learning and other forms of critical engagements with urban spaces. The workshop will open up a space wherein questions can be raised, ideas can be shared, future projects can be identified, and collaborations can be suggested.

The workshop will start with a round of presentations in which the participating organizations and individuals will talk about their experiences of doing different kinds of city walks, and identify one or more concrete needs for future work.

In order to create a common point of departure, please prepare by reading:

Toby Butler, “A walk of art: the potential of the sound walk as practice in cultural geography”, Social & Cultural Geography, Vol. 7, No. 6, December 2006: 889–908 (attached).

Abstract: Some of the most experimental and exciting work using sound and spatiality has come from the art world. This essay traces how an exciting hybrid of sound art and walking – the sound walk – has evolved over the last century. Examining the latest examples of sound walks in London and New York, and reflecting on the author’s experience of creating a sound walk route, this essay focuses on the potential of this medium to create flowing, multi-sensory and embodied ways for social and cultural geographers to research the outside environment. The essay concludes that the medium could also be useful for presenting site-specific cultural geography to the public in an accessible and inclusive way.

Dr. Butler will also be present to discuss the article with us.

Please register!

Please register to Robert Nilsson Mohammadi (robert.mohammadi@mau.se)

The workshop is organized by the Institute for Studies in Malmö’s History (IMH), the Institute for Urban Research (IUR), and the Museum of Movements (MoM)