7 May

IUR Guest Lecture: “Shrinking Megacity – Some Issues of Post Suburbanization in Tokyo Metropolitan Area”

  • 15:00 - 16:00

Please note that the seminar is on May 7th, not 6th as originally published.

We’re happy to host the first IUR Guest Lecture:

Title: Shrinking Megacity – Some issues of post suburbanization in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Presenter: Taku Nakano, Building Research Institute (BRI), Japan

Urban shrinkage is typically manifested as population decline, emerging vacant houses, and underused lands. In Japan, because of nationwide rapid aging and declining population, urban shrinkage becomes a common issue not only for small cities but also for major urban areas like Tokyo. It is projected that the population of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, which is known as the world’s largest megacity, decreases during 2014 and 2030. Especially in its suburbs, many suburban cities have already started experiencing population decline, and they are expected to lose a more number of population in the next few decades. These projections indicate the importance of discussing a way of shifting from ‘growth-oriented’ mindset, which is overwhelming in the current megacity planning in Japan, into more ‘spatial-management’ mindset that encourages efficient and effective (re)use of existing urban fabric.

For more information, contact Eigo Tateishi (eigo.tateishi@mau.se)