The Öresund urban social atlas

Karin Grundström , Peter Parker , Courtney Coyne-Jensen, Martin Grander Uncategorized

Most homepages of research institutes are boring and risk appearing irrelevant to people without academic affiliation. In addition, accessibility to research results is limited since many articles are not open access. Also, many of the increasingly used image-based formats are excluded in traditional journals and presentations of research. In order to create a digital space that is accommodating to both various audiences and various formats of research – this project proposes to set up an Öresund Urban Social Atlas; a webpage located at the Institute for Urban Research (IUR). The Atlas will be grounded in the IURs approach to ‘expose, propose and engage’ in the urban social challenges facing the Öresund region. It will build on the research carried out within, and/or in line with, the IUR. The aim of the Öresund Urban Social Atlas is threefold: 1) to disseminate and make research accessible to a wider audience by publishing open access, short research papers 2) to provide a publication space for research, intervention- and artistic research that include images and videos 3) serve as a basis for a meta-investigation of what actually constitutes an Atlas today, as physical and digital maps and worlds coincide.