Rooftop Talks

Rooftop Talks

IUR Rooftop Talk with Stephen Marr

Meet Stephen Marr, senior lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at Malmö University. In this Rooftop talk, Stephen shares with Lorena Melgaço some of his research and plans for future work.

IUR Rooftop Talk with Defne Kadioglu

In this talk, Defne Kadioglu, a postdoc fellow at IUR, shares with Lorena Melgaço her experience at IUR and her research plans.

IUR Rooftop talk with Carolina Hicks

Carolina Hicks talks with Defne Kadioglu about her experience at IUR as one of our artists in residence in 2019.

IUR Rooftop talks with Gernot Wieland.

Gernot Wieland, one of our artists in residence 2019, talks to Defne Kadioglu about his work and his experience at the School of Arts and Communication and the Institute for Urban Research.

IUR Rooftop Talk with Marilu Melo Zurita,

This time we talk with Marilu Melo Zurita, part of the Environmental Humanities program at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, and our first guest researcher at the Institute for Urban Research.

IUR Rooftop Talk with Magnus Andersson

An interview with Magnus Andersson, Associate Professor in Economic Geography.

IUR Rooftop Talk with Carina Listerborn

Meet Carina Listerborn, professor in Urban Planning with an interest in urban social geography, critical urban theory and feminist urban studies.