Pieter Bevelander

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Pieter Bevelander is Professor in IMER at MIM, Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare and a senior lecturer at the School of IMER, Malmö University, Sweden. His main research field is international migration and different aspects of immigrant integration. He has a doctorate in economic history and wrote his thesis (2000) on the employment integration of immigrants in Sweden in the period 1970–1995. A number of his publications include the labour market situation of immigrants in a regional setting and the effects of labour market policy measures directed towards immigrants in Sweden. Other research topics include the labour market integration of men and women in the Netherlands, the ascension to citizenship of immigrants in the Netherlands and a comparison of ethnic social capital in Canada and the Netherlands. His latest research includes the political participation of immigrants and minorities in host societies and the attitudes of the native population on immigrants and other minority groups. He has reviewed for many international journals and has published in a number of international journals.


These publications are authored or co-authored by Pieter Bevelander.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Are Immigrants Scapegoats? : The Reciprocal Relationships Between… article-journal 2022
Managing migration in modern welfare states : One-size… chapter 2022
Measuring refugee integration policies in Sweden : Results… report 2022
Migration and Aging chapter 2022
How Immigrants Fare in European Labor Markets chapter 2022
Antisemitism i Sverige : en jämförelse av attityder… report 2021
Does young adults' life satisfaction promote tolerance towards… article-journal 2021
Ethnic Harassment and the Protective Effect of Positive… article-journal 2021
Integration policy and refugees' economic performance : Evidence… article-journal 2021
Long-Term Heterogeneity in Immigrant Naturalization : The Conditional… article-journal 2021
One size fits all? : Integration approaches for… report 2021
Polish immigrants and their children in Canada and… article-journal 2021
Skilled Migrants in the Swedish Labour Market :… article-journal 2021
Voting Behavior of Immigrants and Their Children in… article-journal 2021
The Labour Market Integration of Humanitarian Migrants in… chapter 2020
Assessments of citizenship criteria : are immigrants more… article-journal 2020
Refugee Employment Integration Heterogeneity in Sweden : Evidence… article-journal 2020
Migration, mobilitet, mångfald och integration chapter 2020
Does Integration Policy Integrate? : The Employment Effects… article-journal 2019
Housing Policy and Employment Outcomes for Refugees article-journal 2019
Pro-and antimigrant mobilizations in polarized Sweden chapter 2019
Explaining the Male Native-Immigrant Employment Gap in Sweden… article-journal 2018
FAIREU Key Country Report: Electoral Participation in Sweden report 2018
Using population registers for migration and integration research… article-journal 2018
When the media matters for electoral performance article-journal 2018
The Labour Market Participation of Humanitarian Migrants in… article-journal 2017
Valdeltagande och representation : Om invandring och politisk… book 2017
The Labour-Market Participation of Highly Skilled Immigrants in… report 2017
Hur långt faller äpplet från trädet? Valdeltagande hos… chapter 2017
The Influence of Partner Choice and Country of… article-journal 2017
Introduction : Museums in a Time of Migration chapter 2017
Museums in a Time of Migration : Rethinking… book 2017
Are Residential and Workplace concentration correlated for Immigrants… article-journal 2016
Case Study Sweden chapter 2016
Explaining the Male Native-Immigrant Employment Gap in Sweden… article-journal 2016
Integrating refugees into labor markets article-journal 2016
Taking on the challenge of getting refugees into… article-journal 2016
The labour market integration of refugees in Sweden article-journal 2016
Trespassing the Threshold of Relevance : Media Exposure… article-journal 2015
Voting participation of immigrants in Sweden : a… article-journal 2015
Vem blir medborgare och vad händer sen? :… book 2015
International migration and the social-democratic welfare regime chapter 2015
The religious affiliation and anti-Semitism of secondary school-age… article-journal 2015
The religious affiliation and anti-Semitism of secondary school-age… article-journal 2015
Resettled Refugees in Sweden : a statistical overview chapter 2015
From Aliens to Citizens : The Political Incorporation… chapter 2015
Världens öppnaste land : arbetskraftsinvandring efter reformen 2008 book 2014
The world's most open country : labour migration… book 2014
Naturalization and Earnings : A Denmark-Sweden comparison article-journal 2014
The Economic Case for a Clear, Quick Pathway… report 2014
The labour market integration of refugee and family… review 2014
From Aliens to Citizens : The Political Incorporation… report 2014
Crisis and Migration : Implications of the Eurozone… book 2014
Citizenship, enclaves and earnings : comparing two cool… article-journal 2014
Catching up : the labour market integration of… report 2014
"Crisis, oh that crisis!" : The Financial Crisis… chapter 2014
Scandinavia's Population Groups Originating from Developing Countries :… book 2013
Citizenship and employment- comparing two cool countries chapter 2012
Citizenship, co-ethnic populations and employment probabilities of immigrants… article-journal 2012
How many hours do you have to work… article-journal 2012
Islamophobia in Sweden : politics, representations, attitudes and… chapter 2012
Self-employment of immigrants and natives in Sweden :… article-journal 2012
Sweden’s Population Groups Originating from Developing Countries :… book 2012
Valdeltagande och medborgarskap chapter 2011
Vägar till medborgarskap book 2011
Vägar till medborgarskap chapter 2011
Voting and Social Inclusion article-journal 2011
Att bli medborgare, att vara medmänniska chapter 2011
Trespassing the threshold of relevance : Media exposure… article-journal 2011
The employment The Employment Integration of Resettled Refugees,… article-journal 2011
Socialt kapital och integration i Kanada chapter 2011
Naturalisation and Social Inclusion chapter 2011
Egenföretagande bland invandrare och svenskfödda i Sverige -… article-journal 2011
Young people's attitudes towards Muslims in Sweden article-journal 2010
The immigration and integration experience : the case… chapter 2010
Sweden : The Immigration an Integration Experience: The… chapter 2010
Sweden chapter 2010
Sweden chapter 2010
Kvotflyktingars fördröjda framgång chapter 2010
How much do you have to work to… article-journal 2010
General Versus Vocational Education and Employment Integration of… article-journal 2010
Migration und Integration in Schweden chapter 2010
Resettled and Included? The Employment Integration of Resettled… book 2009
Tillväxt och mångfald i skånskt företagande : sammanfattning… report 2009
Social Capital and Voting Participation in Canada article-journal 2009
Resettled and Included? The Employment Integration of resettled… chapter 2009
The Employment Attachment of Resettled, Refugees, Refugees and… chapter 2009
Mellan uppehållstillstånd och bostad : En kartläggning av… report 2009
In the picture - resettled refugees in Sweden chapter 2009
Från skyddad till anställd article-journal 2009
From Crane to Torso : Local Skill Strategies… chapter 2009
Citizenship, Co-ethnic Populations and Employment Probabilities of Immigrants… article-journal 2009
Asylsökandes eget boende, EBO - en kartläggning chapter 2009
The Economics of Citizenship book 2008
Naturalization and socioeconomic integration : The case of… chapter 2008
Migration and Citizenship in Sweden article-journal 2008
Female native Dutch and Ethnic minority employment patterns… chapter 2008
Electoral participation of natives, immigrants and descendants in… article-journal 2008
Asylsökandes eget boende, EBO - en kartläggning report 2008
Arbetskraftsinvandring och flyktingars arbetsmarknadsintegration chapter 2007
Employment integration of refugees : the influence of… article-journal 2007
Invandring och ekonomisk integration i Stockholm chapter 2007
Utbildning, yrke och inkomster bland iranska män i… article-journal 2007
Immigration patterns, economic integration and residential segregation :… book 2004
Halvvägs på väg vart? Storstadssatsningen i Rosengård 2000-2001 report 2002
Storstadssatsningen i Rosengård : ett nationellt exempel report 2002