Mattias Kärrholm

  • Professor

Mattias Kärrholm is a professor at the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment in Lund University.

His research areas include: architecture, social sciences, territoriality, public space, urban design, architectural theory, space & culture.


These publications are authored or co-authored by Mattias Kärrholm.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
13 myter om bostadsfrågan book 2016
Interobjectivity in architectural research and theory : towards… article-journal 2014
La piazza-evento : ritmanalizzare gli spazi-tempi di un… article-journal 2014
Rytmiska problem : staden och det förändrade tidslandskapet chapter 2014
Spatial resilience and urban planning : Addressing the… article-journal 2014
Stortorget : ett torg i förändring article-journal 2014
The Square of Events : Rhythmanalysing the Time-Spaces… article-journal 2014
Building type production and everyday life : rethinking… article-journal 2013
Interstitial space and the transformation of retail building… chapter 2013
Retailising Space, Architecture, Retail and the Territorialisation of… book 2012
Waiting places as temporal interstices and agents of… article-journal 2011
Thomas Phillipps och mellanrummet article-journal 2011
Retail resilience in a Swedish urban landscape :… chapter 2011
The Scaling of Sustainable Urban Form : A… article-journal 2011
Escalating Consumption and Spatial Planning : Notes on… article-journal 2011
Den neurotiske stadsplaneraren article-journal 2011
Inte bara handel i hållbart centrum! article-journal 2010
Space Syntax and Meta Theory article-journal 2010
Handeln styr stadens rytm article-journal 2009
Konsumtionslandskapet och hotet mot mångfalden : några förändringstendenser… chapter 2009
Platsbrist i det offentliga rummet article-journal 2009
To the rhythm of shopping - on synchronisation… article-journal 2009
Setting the Scale of Sustainable Urban Form -… paper-conference 2008
The Territorialisation of a Pedestrian Precinct in Malmö… article-journal 2008
The Materiality of Territorial Production, a Conceptual Discussion… article-journal 2007