Magnus Andersson

  • Senior Lecturer

Magnus Andersson, Associate Professor in Economic Geography at the Department for Urban Studies. Magnus´s teaching focus on urban economic geography, statistics and internationalization of real estate markets. Magnus is an active researcher within the field of quantitative geography specializing in spatial analysis of global sustainable development. Processes connected to economic growth, socio-economic change, together with reforms of market systems in emerging markets mainly in Africa and Asia are of prime interest for his research agenda. Andersson participate as researcher and adviser for United Nation´s work to implement Global Sustainable Development Goals.

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These publications are authored or co-authored by Magnus Andersson.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Accessibility and space-time differences in when and how… article-journal 2023
Malmö/Köpenhamn : kluster, samverkan, investeringar report 2023
32. Reflections and Conclusions chapter 2022
The Routledge Companion to International Housing Markets book 2022
Anchor effects in appraisals : do information and… article-journal 2021
Impacts of international transport infrastructure: evidence from Laos… article-journal 2021
Centralization and Urbanization Tendencies in Norway chapter 2019
How cultural values are reflected on the housing… article-journal 2019
How Data-Poor Countries Remain Data Poor : Underestimation… article-journal 2019
How the built environment and the railway network… article-journal 2019
Impact and Recovery : An Analysis of the… chapter 2019
Regional Inequalities in Sweden 1985-2014 chapter 2019
The southern conflict chapter 2019
Book of Proceedings 6th Malmö Real Estate Research… book 2017
Institutional and structural change : effects on employment… paper-conference 2017
The benefits of geospatial planning in energy access… article-journal 2016
Anchoring effects in appraisals : a study of… paper-conference 2015
Assessing Recovery from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami… article-journal 2015
Does Large-Scale Gold Mining Reduce Agricultural Growth? Case… paper-conference 2015
Mining, Economic Activity and Remote Sensing : Case… paper-conference 2015
Monitoring economic development from space : using nighttime… article-journal 2015
Nighttime lights and population changes in Europe 1992–2012 article-journal 2015
Sweden´s engagement with the Democratic People’s Republic of… article-journal 2015
Geographic and Temporal Scales of Monitoring Development from… speech 2014
Measuring Progress chapter 2014
The Dynamics of Conflict in Southern Thailand report 2014
The dynamics of conflict in southern Thailand review 2014