Eigo Tateishi

  • Doctoral Student
  • eigo.tateishi@mau.se

Eigo Tateishi is a Ph.D. candidate in urban studies at the Department of Urban Studies at Malmö University. His primary research interest is to quantitatively analyze the urban dynamics of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Sweden and Japan in relation to sustainable urban development, and consider a more effective form of TODs in the future. He currently works making a spatial model to assess “TOD-ness” of commuter train stations in Skåne as well as studies differences between TOD policies and strategies in Sweden and Japan. He is also interested in equitable mobility development in Sweden and Japan especially within rural areas of the countries, and for the interest, have been working together with coworkers at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo in Japan. He is capable to utilize a wider range of spatial-statistical methods from remote sensing to spatio-temporal econometrics. He teaches, at Malmö University, undergraduate- and master-level courses about quantitative analytics (by SPSS, QGIS, and ArcGIS in particular) on urban planning and real estate appraisal. He earned his Master of Science degree in human ecology from the department of human geography of Lund University in Sweden. He has various working experiences in international research projects, for example, World Bank Research Project: Socio-economic Impact of Mining on Local Communities in Africa (Ref No. P148422).