Carina Listerborn

  • Professor

Carina Listerborn, Professor in Urban Planning at the Department of Urban Studies, at Malmö University, has a Ph.D. (2002) from Chalmers University on urban safety discourses from a feminist perspective. Her research fields are urban social geography, critical urban theory and feminist urban studies. She is part of the strong research environment CRUSH – Critical Urban Sustainability Hub which is a national research network who put the housing question in the center of sustainability issues and ICCAN – International Collaborative for the Critical Analysis of Neoliberalism. She has previously done research on urban conflicts, violence and uprisings, neo-liberal planning, and right now she is finishing a book on “housing from below” and housing inequalities. Most recent research focusing on intersectional perspectives on smart housing developments. Recent publications: (2017) The Flagship Concept of ‘the 4th Urban Environment’. Branding and Visioning in Malmö, Sweden. Planning, Theory and Practice, Vol. 18(1), pp. 11-33; (2016) Feminist struggle over urban safety and the politics of space, European Journal of Women Studies Vol. 23(3). 251-264.

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These publications are authored or co-authored by Carina Listerborn.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Claiming the right to dignity : New organizations… article-journal 2020
Introduction: housing displacement : conceptual and methodological issues chapter 2020
Keeping Out the Poor : Banishment as an… chapter 2020
Conclusion: housing displacement : conceptual and methodological issues chapter 2020
Housing Displacement : Conceptual and Methodological Issues book 2020
Gender and Urban Neoliberalization chapter 2020
Flaggskeppsplanering : fjärde stadsrummet som ny vision för… chapter 2019
Problemet är inte bostadsbrist utan bostadsojämlikhet article-newspaper 2019
Bostadsojämlikhet : röster om bostadsnöden book 2018
Urban Uprisings Challenging Neoliberal Urbanism in Europe review-book 2017
The flagship concept of the ‘4th urban environment’.… article-journal 2017
Book review of M. Mayer, C. Thörn, and… review-book 2017
13 myter om bostadsfrågan book 2016
Rätt att bo kvar : en handbok i… book 2016
”Landskronas vägval” : när bostäder åt alla blev… chapter 2016
Feminist struggle over urban safety and the politics… article-journal 2015
Geographies of the Veil : Violent Encounters in… article-journal 2015
Kreativt klassrum article-journal 2015
Lokala föreningar och demokrati i socialt utsatta bostadsområden chapter 2015
Medborgarinflytande : om makt, genus och stadsutveckling chapter 2015
Renewing Urban Renewal in Landskrona, Sweden : Pursuing… article-journal 2015
Medveten gentrifiering i Landskrona article-journal 2014
Strategier för att hela en delad stad :… book 2014
Makten över produktionen av stadens rum : en… article-journal 2014
Den osynliga våldsgeografin : med en intersektionell blick… chapter 2014
Att synas och ta plats i staden :… chapter 2013
Kulturmiljöns sociala roll i hållbar stadsutveckling chapter 2013
Migration och urbanitet chapter 2013
Suburban women and the ‘glocalisation’ of the everyday… article-journal 2013
Translocal Geographies. Spaces, Places, Connections review-book 2012
Den våldsamma integreringen. Muslimska kvinnor i offentliga rum chapter 2011
Möte mellan stadsfragment : Stråk förenar Malmös stadsdelar article-journal 2011
Recension av Icke-medborgarskapets urbana geografi, av Helena Holgersson review-book 2011
Varför kastar de sten? : om konflikter och… book 2011
Våld i staden - vardagsrasism och maktutövning i… chapter 2010
Med slöja i gatuvimlet article-journal 2010
Jämställdhet som en trygghetsfråga - utvärdering av Boverkets… report 2010
Det är inte stenarna som gör ont :… report 2010
Det sexualiserade rummet chapter 2010
Fear: Critical Geopolitics and Everyday Life review-book 2009
Kvinnors erfarenheter måste bli mer synliga article-journal 2009
Om erfarenhet och expertis i planeringen article-journal 2009
Våld, rädsla och trygghet i vardagen article-journal 2008
Who speaks? And who listens? The relationship between… article-journal 2008
Kroppen som situation. Om kön, makt och rum.… report 2007
Makten över kroppen i rummet article-journal 2007
Recension av "Staden, våldet och tryggheten" av Rolf… review-book 2007
Review of "The Safe City. Safety and Urban… review 2007
Women’s Bodies as Symbols in Public Spaces paper-conference 2007