MISTRA Urban Futures South Sweden

2015 - 2020

Mistra Urban Futures addresses one of today’s key societal challenges: How can sustainable urban development be achieved within our planet’s boundaries? Its vision is to create sustainable urbanisation where cities are accessible, green and fair. Its mission is to generate and use knowledge for transitions towards sustainable urban futures through reflective co-creation at local and global levels. Accessible, Green and Fair cities are core urban attributes underpinning the Institute’s work in drawing attention to the essential, albeit contested, characteristics of urban sustainability and how they are managed. As a research and knowledge institute, our contribution is to generate and enable implementation of knowledge that promotes sustainable urbanization. Reflective co-creation across disciplines and at local and global levels is our way of working. When researchers and practitioners from different disciplines work together in different research projects, we are convinced that we can find new critical insights and locally appropriate outcomes.  In the local Skåne platform, research takes places around migration and urban development.

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