Effects of Transit Accessibility – Empirical studies on equal opportunities in local and regional development

2018 - 2019

Urbanization poses great demands on the spatial development of societies. Not only are cities but also rural areas are affected by urbanization. In order for local and regional economies to develop, interaction and integration between people and firms is fundamental. Public transport can be a key element in enhancing a sustainable development at local and regional development, in which different groups of society are included. This project addresses specifically distributional aspects, both in terms of horizontal (geographical) and vertical (e.g. income or education) dimensions. The project will focus on three case studies of infrastructure investment with an overall question of who benefits from new or improved infrastructure investments. Through the use of very detailed register and satellite data, it is possible to identify effects of new infrastructure on e.g. commuting and migration patterns, as well as land use patterns, which are often difficult to study. The study will contribute to ex post evaluations of infrastructure investments.

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