Glimer – Governance and Local Integration of Migrants and Europe’s Refugees

2017 - 2020

The overarching aim of the GLIMER project is to generate theoretically informed and empirically grounded knowledge that may, through best practice sharing and reporting, function to support policy-makers and stakeholders to cultivate durable solutions in the governance of local integration of migrants and refugees in Europe. The GLIMER consortium consists of partners from Italy and Cyprus (two landing points for many refugees as they first enter the EU) and UK and Sweden (two countries seen as final destinations), and the cases focus on new arrivals in the areas in and around Consenza, Nicosia, Glasgow and Malmö. Based in an understanding of the link between governance and integration at the local level, the project will examine emergent systems of co-responsibitity between local and national agencies in their responses to managing the integration of migrants and refugees.

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